Rockslave rock concert

Rockslave is planning to arrange a rock concert to bring attention to our new brand and to our future charity events. This was suggested to us by an employee in the parent company and got support on social media by a few users.

I don’t yet know when this rock concert will happen, or where, or who will play there, or even if it will actually happen. This is just an idea at this point, and unless we can create some interest and sell tickets to the concert, it won’t happen.

That’s why it is very important that you readers let us know what you want. Please tell us what would be a good concert that you would pay money for. Who should we try to get to play? Where should this happen? At which venue? At what time should it happen? We are thinking maybe some time after new years eve as all the holiday stuff is over.

We don’t have a lot of budget for advertising this, so please don’t request anything crazy. We are 100% relying on the sale of tickets to pay for whatever expenses there would be, and the rest will go to one of the charities we are supporting. If you know anyone who has a venue that would allow us to use it, or anyone who would like to volunteer for this event if it happens, let us know. Please contact us, help us out and let’s make this happen!

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