My favorite karaoke systems

In my last post I shared my story about how karaoke changed my life. It got me started on a long journey for personal growth, and I still love karaoke. I often invite my friends over for a karaoke party at my place. When the party starts, you need to have the right equipment to make it an experience your guests won’t forget.

There are so many different karaoke setups and systems available. And let me be clear: most of them are absolute crap! And if you are going to throw karaoke parties, you want the best. I’m going to tell you about two karaoke players that I have tested and can recommend to others. One is the SingTrix and the other is the Grand Videoke Symphony. Both excellent players.

singtrixSingTrix: This is my absolute favorite karaoke system and I personally own it. After it was featured on an episode of Shark Tank, it became so popular. The coolest thing about it is all the different sound effects you can do with it. You can basically sing anything and your voice will sound amazing.

It is so much fun. It is also really good quality and comes as a complete system. It has a pretty good microphone and microphone stand, and on it is the “studio mixer” which lets you control all the effects. The speaker that it comes with has good sound and bass for its size, and it is sturdy and high quality. A great setup for a living room.

grand-videoke-symphonyGrand Videoke Symphony: Another great system similar to the ones often found in karaoke bars all over the world. It is meant for a more of a professional use, and is a bit different from the SingTrix which focuses a lot on sound effects.

It is also very high quality. It comes with thousands of songs. As you can see on the picture, it has two microphones with many controls built into them so you can pick songs from the microphone itself.A very clever feature. However, it is not a all in one system as the SingTrix, and you will need a monitor and a sound system together with it. But if you get it all set up, it is perhaps the best system I have tested.

You can find others on eBay, on Amazon, on Ali Express, but many of them are really bad quality and made of cheap plastic. If you want the best ones, you should look for the professional systems that the karaoke bars and clubs use. To see reviews of karaoke systems, you can visit Karaoke Guide and for specifically professional players, you can visit as they have some good information about the most popular ones.

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