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Welcome to Rockslave!

Rockslave is run by Karnika. A young women who believes that any challenges can be overcome by continuing effort, and that most skills can be learned and can be very beneficial. Karnika did not have much of a confidence in the past, but stepping out of her comfort zone has helped her boost that confidence and allowed her to be more successful in life. Rockslave hopes to help you do the same, whether it is by improvising music, singing on a stage, going out into the world and meeting new people, building good things for the world and creating value, or by being the best person you can be.

Karnika is the oldest of three siblings and spent her early years in a town in Illinois. Her mother and step dad raised horses which she took part in, and from an early age she learned to love riding horses. She later moved in with her brother and dad out in the country side and worked a lot in her teens delivering newspapers in the neighborhoods and quickly became a familiar face that all the locals knew well. From 1999 to 2003 she studied at the University of Illinois and got a degree in accounting because of the promising job market in the field. Spent 2004 traveling the globe as a backpacker and visited Europe, Egypt, the Middle East, spent some time in India and South East Asia where she fell in love with the practice of yoga, and ended her trip in Australia and New Zealand. After returning back home she started working for an accounting firm in Chicago, and worked there until she was let go in 2009 in the financial crisis. During the following years she worked a few odd jobs and moved around the country a few times in hope of job opportunities, and in 2012 founded an online media company called Purple Penguin, which formally owns and operates Rockslave as one of its many projects, but the project is run entirely and solely by Karnika. Rockslave has been under planning and development for a long time, but has recently gotten more attention, and its long term goal is to be a provider of relevant information and eventually perhaps engage in fundraising for some philanthropic causes.

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