My favorite karaoke systems

In my last post I shared my story about how karaoke changed my life. It got me started on a long journey for personal growth, and I still love karaoke. I often invite my friends over for a karaoke party at my place. When the party starts, you need to have the right equipment to make it an experience your guests won’t forget.

There are so many different karaoke setups and systems available. And let me be clear: most of them are absolute crap! And if you are going to throw karaoke parties, you want the best. I’m going to tell you about two karaoke players that I have tested and can recommend to others. One is the SingTrix and the other is the Grand Videoke Symphony. Both excellent players.

singtrixSingTrix: This is my absolute favorite karaoke system and I personally own it. After it was featured on an episode of Shark Tank, it became so popular. The coolest thing about it is all the different sound effects you can do with it. You can basically sing anything and your voice will sound amazing.

It is so much fun. It is also really good quality and comes as a complete system. It has a pretty good microphone and microphone stand, and on it is the “studio mixer” which lets you control all the effects. The speaker that it comes with has good sound and bass for its size, and it is sturdy and high quality. A great setup for a living room.

grand-videoke-symphonyGrand Videoke Symphony: Another great system similar to the ones often found in karaoke bars all over the world. It is meant for a more of a professional use, and is a bit different from the SingTrix which focuses a lot on sound effects.

It is also very high quality. It comes with thousands of songs. As you can see on the picture, it has two microphones with many controls built into them so you can pick songs from the microphone itself.A very clever feature. However, it is not a all in one system as the SingTrix, and you will need a monitor and a sound system together with it. But if you get it all set up, it is perhaps the best system I have tested.

You can find others on eBay, on Amazon, on Ali Express, but many of them are really bad quality and made of cheap plastic. If you want the best ones, you should look for the professional systems that the karaoke bars and clubs use. To see reviews of karaoke systems, you can visit Karaoke Guide and for specifically professional players, you can visit as they have some good information about the most popular ones.

How karaoke changed me and helped me live a normal life

I’ve recently published a few articles on karaoke, which has had a great impact on my own life. If you read the this website’s about page, you would have seen that I mention I used have low confidence. I thought my opinions were not valued, that my actions were worthless and it really made it difficult to cope with life in general.

I have never really shared this story before, and it could sound a bit strange that I owe so much of my personal growth to one silly activity.

Through most of my life and most of college I had these feelings of inferiority, but one night during college some of my friends and I went downtown to a karaoke bar. We had few drinks, but I was still terrified of performing in front of others. For years I had been so frightened by the idea of public speaking, and I constantly had social anxiety. But this night I promised myself I was gonna try to sing in front of others, because it was with music in the background so nobody would really be listening to my voice. I actually love singing while I’m listening to music but only if I’m completely alone. This night I forced myself to step in front of the microphone, and I had a surprising discovery and realization that changed my entire life.

When I started I was shaking and my voice was cracking, but I just forced myself through it. Nobody actually noticed because we had all been drinking and the background music made my cracking voice less noticeable. After the first song finished, I was actually surprised I had completed one song, and I felt immensely powerful of having been brave enough to do so. The second song was a duet with a friend, and I was suddenly having fun.

At the end of the night, we had been singing karaoke for hours and a few had starting to lose their voice because of all the singing. In the taxi back to the dorms, I remember thinking what an accomplishment for a socially anxious person like me to break out of my shell and sing in front of so many people. I felt powerful, I felt in control, I felt relief. I promised myself that I would have to continue to force myself and push myself outside of my comfort zone.

My big realization: Everything I want in life lies outside of my comfort zone.

I started going to karaoke bars a few times every month, just to remind myself of the fact that people don’t really care about what you do and how well you do it. They care more about themselves and worry about how they are doing. It is perfectly fine to be a novice, to not be an expert. Nobody is flawless. And you can’t let the fear discourage you from living your life.

From the time I first had this realization, I went on to practice my public speaking skills and became a lot more confident. I was able to do things that absolutely terrified me, like job interviews and calling strangers. And the more I did these things, the easier they became as I understood that it did not have any consequences for me whatsoever.

I still love karaoke and singing though, and it will continue to be one of my biggest passions, as well as a very important reminder to myself.

How to Be Successful at Karaoke Parties

k5In case you are just taking part in a karaoke session to have fun, then you would not need to worry about what you sound like, but if you do not wish to be embarrassed, then you need to pay better attention to your karaoke skills. All in all, the main thing that keeps people back from singing well is often their own fear. Perhaps you’re considering something to do this weekend. Your companion recommends karaoke as a conceivable choice. That is cool with you. You’ve for a long while been itching to go and you’ve presumably needed to try and attempt it.

Tips on How to Be Successful at Karaoke Parties

k4There’s only one issue. You’re frightened to death. People generally cherish the possibility of karaoke, with individuals singing unrecorded music, hanging out with companions, perhaps get a couple chuckles in. On the other hand, many never go in the end on the grounds that they are petrified to sing live. People who detest open talking, often hate singing karaoke too. On the other hand, it can also be a fun thing.

k1You just have to increase your confidence and your skill will increase at the same time. You should try to run with a gathering. If you run with a couple people you know, it will most likely facilitate your nerves to see them perform. In addition, when you’re in front of an audience, you’ll have a couple people to take a gander at if the group alarms you. To start with, open your throat. More than just unwinding, opening your throat will expand your reverberation and give the things in your throat that create your voice more space to work. This likewise keeps your vocal folds from getting harmed. In the end, singing at karaoke is simple if you are confident and you know the basics


Singing at a Karaoke Session

k3A session of karaoke would allow you to either relieve your stress or be more stressful because of how embarrassed you are about your voice. In any case, learning a bit of karaoke skill never hurt anyone. Try not to be hesitant to sing a song from a singer of the other gender. Now and again vocal extents can take you to new and energizing spots. You need to think about what you are going to sing beforehand. Since you’ve figured out what you’re singing, it’s a great opportunity to think about how to pull off your execution. This is the best part. Indeed, even those individuals who see themselves as introverts with voices like felines can be karaoke stars.

Tips for Singing at a Karaoke Session

The thing is to have certainty. This is less demanding said than done, obviously, yet karaoke is available to all as long as you are brave enough to let it out.The primary concern to recollect is that an extraordinary karaoke execution doesn’t need to include making your voice reach stardom levels. It’k2s a mix of recognizing what you need to do and knowing how to move around in that space, whether you’re a social butterfly who simply needs to bet everything on a howl or an introvert who needs to genuinely devote a song to your closest and dearest. Betting everything doesn’t as a matter of courseneeds to mean being sufficiently boisterous to not require a receiver or bouncing octaves. It just means being available and mindful of what you’re singing, and being energized that you’re at the focal point of consideration for the very length of a tune. All in all, as long as you are confident and abiding by karaoke manners, people would cheer for you no matter what you sing or how you sing it.

Rockslave rock concert

Rockslave is planning to arrange a rock concert to bring attention to our new brand and to our future charity events. This was suggested to us by an employee in the parent company and got support on social media by a few users.

I don’t yet know when this rock concert will happen, or where, or who will play there, or even if it will actually happen. This is just an idea at this point, and unless we can create some interest and sell tickets to the concert, it won’t happen.

That’s why it is very important that you readers let us know what you want. Please tell us what would be a good concert that you would pay money for. Who should we try to get to play? Where should this happen? At which venue? At what time should it happen? We are thinking maybe some time after new years eve as all the holiday stuff is over.

We don’t have a lot of budget for advertising this, so please don’t request anything crazy. We are 100% relying on the sale of tickets to pay for whatever expenses there would be, and the rest will go to one of the charities we are supporting. If you know anyone who has a venue that would allow us to use it, or anyone who would like to volunteer for this event if it happens, let us know. Please contact us, help us out and let’s make this happen!

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